Sunday, April 23, 2017


Just a general question to the community, where do you find inspiration? What grabs you as an interesting idea for a game/scene?

Also do you come up with the ideas for characters totally from your own mind or are they inspired by celebrities/real people?

As I only have a couple very small games under my belt I haven't put too much of my inspiration actually down on paper but they've been inspired by a mix of things, corny sex tropes (oooh, sexy neighbor moves in next door), or things from IRL (I started going to a gym, realized there had never been an AIF set in a gym), to movies, literature, art, etc.

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  1. So many things can provide inspiration. Usually I collect ideas for months or years for a game project, then try to arrange them together in an interesting way, cutting out the bits that don't fit.

    Mostly characters inspirations for me are interesting archetypes that I then flesh out with character details later (say, a tsundere girl who's forced to obey you as a maid), or in a few cases they're gradually developed and massaged later. I rarely take much direct inspiration from celebrities, although a few real people have loosely inspired characters I've written.

    I think over a period of several years I came to just look for writing inspiration everywhere. It's good to always be questioning yourself - how could this be a story? How could I do this whole thing better? What's never been done before? A lot of the answers are useless but some of them are good.